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Pen Pal Program

Connecting our kids around the world.

We all know how magical it is getting a personal letter in the mail - and the Rainbow Families Pen Pal programme is here to add that dash of sparkle dust to your kid’s life! 

It also means kids have an opportunity to make friends with other kids who are also growing up in a diverse, LGBTQ+ family and community. This can be especially valuable for children in rural or regional areas where there are few other LGBTQ+ families or who are isolated for other reasons.

For children who experience difference at school or in the community, this can be an enormously rewarding relationship. It means that whether their origin story was adoption, fostering or surrogacy or they have a single parent, gay dads, lesbian mums, trans parents or gender-diverse carers, they can build a friendship based on shared understanding and shared interests. 

Children can learn about another culture, share their own stories about their family and culture in Australia, have an opportunity to make a lifetime friend or two, improve their non-electronic communication skills, even learn how international post works!

How it works.

The Rainbow Families Pen Pal program matches kids based on their interests and age with others from Australia or overseas through the network of Rainbow Families organisations and other LGBTQ+ organisations, including Rainbow Families USA. 

With this program, children and young people aged 5-16 from the US and Australia will sign up and answer a couple of questions (age, interests, address, parent/guardian  approval). As registrations come in, we will match children and young people based on their age range and shared interests.

Parents:  Encourage your younger kids to participate!  They can even draw a picture or two, or get help from a parent or guardian with writing a little story about themselves.   

There’s a real delight when they see an envelope arrive with their name on it, and this is a great lesson in patience as well…no immediate gratification here.  All registrations and communications are handled through a parent/guardian.

Sign up any time - just fill in the expression of interest.

Click here for additional info and signup form.