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Northern Rivers LGBTQ+ Book Fundraiser

The recent floods on the Northern Rivers has seen Lismore library, as well as many local schools and preschools with no books to put on their shelves. We are raising money to buy LGBTQ+ inclusive books to restock the shelves in these devastated areas.

We know that books are not the immediate need for families on the Northern Rivers, but as life gets back to normal and the communities in these areas rebuild, we have an opportunity to help ensure that diversity and inclusion are incorporated into the libraries in the Northern Rivers. 

This fundraiser is being coordinated by a Lismore family who will work with a local book store to restore the libraries in the area. Finding LGBTQ+ inclusive books for families can be tricky so we have developed a list of books that we will aim to have available in libraries in the area. Check out the list of books here

All donations will go directly toward purchasing books for the Northern Rivers libraries.


$82 Raised

GOAL: $3,000.00

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