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Mardi Gras Wrap Up

Thank you to everyone that helped make Mardi Gras a wonderful celebration for our community.

We had our first Drag Story Time at the Sydney Aquarium and it was fabulous. Over 200 people from our community had early access to the aquarium for a special story time with 3 of Sydney's favourite drag queens. The penguin family with two dads was a hit with many of the kids in our community. 

Fair Day saw us knee deep in craft and kids activities thanks to Reverse Garbage, as well as providing information and networks to Rainbow Families community members.   It was a brilliant day and great to see more and more Rainbow Families every year. Thank you to the army of people that volunteered at Fair Day.


The Luna Park Rainbow Families day was a huge success, with LGBTQI families having a fantastic time watching the drag shows, and making the most of the rides and space to enjoy the day. We look forward to this become an annual event in the Mardi Gras calendar.

The February Rainbow Families LGBTIQA+ Antenatal Class welcomed 14 expectant parents. Hosted at Macquarie, and run by midwife educators from Sydney Local Health District (and members of our community) the day covers everything expectant parents need to know. The Rainbow Families Antenatal Class is an LGTBIQA+ focused, inclusive, parenting education class run quarterly.

The Mardi Gras volunteer sub-committee worked many, many hours liaising with Mardi Gras organisers, developing float costumes and themes, and working with Reverse Garbage on an amazing float. The result was slick, colourful and gorgeous. We could not put on all of the events throughout the year without our wonderful team of volunteers. If you would like to get involved at our upcoming events please contact us.

For those marching with Rainbow Families it was a fabulous evening! The marshalling area was full of entertainment. The kids had a ball watching the other floats practice their dance moves, and the sense of community was amazing. Once we started marching, the kids didn’t know where to look. With so many people to high five and wave to it was a night they will remember forever.

In response to the overwhelming call for tickets from our community, the Rainbow Families Committee negotiated tirelessly for some secure viewing space for Rainbow Families unable to get tickets to march.  An extra 100 people were able to join us and celebrate Mardi Gras. The family viewing area was a safe inclusive space for our community to come together to watch the parade. We are working with Mardi Gras to increase capacity of this area for next year. 

Thanks again to everyone that volunteered throughout Mardi Gras. 


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