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Love Makes A Family Podcast

We've launched a podcast all about LGBTQ+ families - Telling the stories of diverse families in Australia. It is an Australian focused podcast providing the community with an opportunity to explore intimate stories of LGBTQ+ parents and their children, to share with Australia and the world. The podcast explores an inclusive narrative of what constitutes a family. 

The episodes tell the stories of Rainbow Families community members and how they have formed their families. 

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Episode 1 – Love Should Never Mean Having to Live in Fear

Featuring: Fiona and Sarah

This episode will explore the hopes and expectations of these first-time parents. We explore how the experience of finding a known donor and navigating complex family relationships has bought this couple closer together as they start their journey together as first time parents.


Episode 2 – Fostering growth  

Featuring: Ludovic

This episode will explore how single parent Ludavic became a foster father to 2 siblings. We will explore how he navigated the foster system in Australia and went from a proud single man to a full-time father.


Episode 3 and 4  – Life begins at 32

Featuring: Paige, Lisa and Elliott River

This episode will explore how this couple transitioned as a family as Paige transitioned from male to female. This episode explores the strength, love and devotion of these 2 women as they find strength in their new identities and navigate a complex system to start their family.


Episode 5 – Donor Deal

Featuring: Tom

In this episode we meet a known donor, Tom who provided sperm to 2 friends so that they could have their first child. We discuss the feelings that come with being a known donor and how he has managed his unique role in this child’s life.


Episode 6 – City to Suburbs    

Featuring: Lindsey, Jess and Archie

This episode will explore the complexities of using an unknown donor service in Australia and navigate the realities of moving from Sydney to a smaller city in regional NSW in order to have a home of their own.


We are looking for  families to feature in our second season. For anyone that misses out this round don’t worry there will be a third season later in 2022. If you are interested in being part of this ground breaking project please let us know a little more about you and your family here


And a special thank you to Tallay Wickham who put this beautiful podcast together. Hear more about Tallay here