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Father's Day and Mother's Day Advocacy Workshop For Parents

We know Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are important days to celebrate, but they can be tricky for children from diverse families. Having to make two Mother’s Day cards at school when everyone else only has to make one can take it out of you!

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Some schools and preschools are great at supporting children from diverse families on these days, while others need a little help to get it right. To support our families we have developed a new resource designed to help schools and preschools support every family on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and we want to tell you about it, and give you some skills to advocate for your family in education settings.


Join us on zoom for this evening workshop on advocacy tools and skills for improving inclusivity in schools, pre-schools and other systems.

Speakers include Charlie Willbridge (Rainbow Families), Renata Field (Prosper Project Australia/DVNSW) and Moo Baulch (WAGEC). Charlie will discuss our new resource aimed to support education settings in being more inclusive in the lead-up to Father’s Day and in preparation for Mother’s Day, Renata will share resources on the prevention of domestic violence in LGBTIQA+ communities, and Moo Baulch will share learnings and tools for advocacy, coming from her experience as an advocate and a proud queer parent to two young children.

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This initiative is part of the Rainbow Families Family Violence Prevention Program – a multi-year effort to engage LGBTQA+ families in the prevention of violence by supporting positive, equal and respectful LGBTQA+ relationships and communities, promoting pride in LGBTQA+ bodies, identities, families and relationships, and raising awareness and community capability to respond to violence.     

August 23, 2021
7:30pm - 8:30pm