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Fair Day - February 18

Perhaps the most family friendly event of Mardi Gras 2024 will be Fair Day. Not only is it a daytime event suitable for all ages, but you can even take your dog along for the adventure!

The 2024 extravaganza will be held on Gadigal Land this Sunday 19th February at Sydney’s Victoria Park, and promises to deliver the best family day out yet. As always Rainbow Families will be onsite holding a stall jam packed with information for parents, prospective parents, and children from the LGBTQ+ community. We’ll also be running craft activities for the kids (and big kids too, if you’re up for it) and we’re hosting a quiet area for anyone who needs a little break from the frivolity.

Fair Day gets very busy and can get rather hot and sunny, so come prepared. There are plenty of spots to rest and picnic around the place, and if you have a pram or beach cart you can bring all your own supplies for a brilliant picnic (just bear in mind the event takes place on grass). There are also lots of food and drink offerings to choose from, and you may even score some freebies along the way. Since it’s a park exposed to the elements, make sure you pack weather appropriate gear and treat it like the fabulous one day festival within a festival that it is.

For families who want to better understand what to expect at Fair Day, check out our social story here

Please come along and say hello to the Rainbow Families team, we look forward to seeing you there.