Advocacy Update

Recently, the Rainbow Families Advocacy team had a meeting with the Office of the Prime Minister in relation to our Love (Still) Makes a Family report.

This was an exciting development for us, and a great chance for us to ensure that the issues impacting our families are being seen at the highest levels of government.

We discussed some of barriers for our families in accessing government services, the way government forms have language that makes LGBTIQA+ parented families feel excluded; and that family diversity and inclusivity training would go a long way to remove barriers for our community.

We also talked about the disparity in legal recognition for loads of kids in our community whose families were formed through surrogacy. This is a really pressing issue for us, as we have a subset of kids who don’t have the same legal protections as others in our community.

Finally we discussed some of the ways LGBTIQA+ families are connecting in these difficult times, including some of the great activities Rainbow Families is making available via Facebook and our website.

The Love (Still) Makes a Familreport is available on the Rainbow Families website.
Are you interested in advocacy? We are always looking for volunteers to help with submission writing and reports. If this sounds like you, get in touch