We are two mums with two little boys. My partner, Las,  and I left Australia almost 10 years ago for a number of reasons, one of which was that we wanted to marry each other. 

Las and I had a civil partnership in 2007 in the UK. It was the year's most glorious warm Indian summer day in Cornwall and it was the most glorious day for us as a couple. Our celebrant was amazing and our wedding was witnessed and celebrated by many of our close family and friends, most of whom had travelled from overseas to be with us on our special day. We were also happy that we had at least some form of legal recognition of our love for each other. 

Las and I upgraded our civil partnership to marriage in the UK as soon as we could. We felt lucky that we lived in a country where we had access to equality laws but we also felt it was our right as life partners and parents and a family unit to be fully recognised as such by society and by law. 

We made a choice together to return to Australia, the country we both love and where we met, to raise our two gorgeous boys - Finnbar and Cormac. With one of us being Australian and the other from Ireland, it was hard to choose which country to come home to. Personally I was proud to see my home country, Ireland, vote overwhelmingly for marriage equality this time last year. 

We are both shocked and saddened that Australia does not have marriage equality. We feel it is totally unjust that, while our overseas marriage is recognised under NSW law, our gay and lesbian friends and who live here, and many who have always lived here,  do not have access to this basic human right.  

We are also saddened by the fact that we need to again register our same sex marriage in the NSW relationship register in order for it to be recognised. Registering a civil partnership/ marriage/ relationship  three times for what has been a marriage for us from Day 1 is unfair and seems a total waste of time.