Scott, Grant, Harper.

Scott, Grant, Harper.

Some days it seems quite surreal and implausible that Grant and I have the massive responsibility of looking after this 12 week old little angel. But then it’s also hard to remember what it was like when Harper wasn’t here.

It was mid-2014 when our close friend Sascha surprised us with the amazing offer of helping us to become parents.  After some serious soul searching, we accepted the offer and so began this crazy ride!

The journey has not been without its challenges, in part due to the fact that Altruistic Surrogacy is not very common in Australia, so information and support systems are not what they could be.  But ultimately we are blessed to have have this wonderful gift who brings us joy everyday.  

We hope we’ll be good parents. We have amazing support from family and friends. Harper will grow up surrounded by so much love, including 5 sets of grandparents, lots of aunties, uncles and cousins. And of course a very special relationship with Sascha and Harper’s brother, Micah.

Grant and I were married in Byron Bay in 2011. We recently returned there for our first family holiday with Harper.  I think it’s going to be a very special place for all of us.