Screenshot_2019-01-09 Better Together LGBTIQ National Conference — The Equality Project.png

Rainbow Families’ crowd-funded All Families Guide for Trans and Gender Diverse Parents is nearing completion!

As part of launching the guide, some of those who have contributed their stories to the guide will join the author Jac Tomlins on a panel at the Better Together conference, this Friday 11th January.

Drafts of the guide have been circulated for review, and some great feedback has already been received:

“Some of the literature that I have seen suggested that the challenges faced by people who are transitioning are so overwhelming that they cannot and/or do not focus on anything else. Your interviewees demonstrated that this is just not true!”

”I found the comments relating to passing and also the issues of diversity particularly powerful. Ultimately, we are all human beings and our families are all families, whatever shape, size or format they take.”

If you are attending the conference please come and say hi to those on the panel, otherwise we hope to be launching the guide at this year’s International Family Equality Day.