Customised children’s books for rainbow families | Age Range 2-6

It is a real challenge to find quality children’s books that reflect our rainbow families.

For parents raising kids in diverse families being able to share stories that make kids feel included in the storybook world is so important. After all, children’s literature is one of the key ways kids make sense of their worlds. is now publishing a highly customised book that allow parents to create stories that reflect their unique family. The book is written by award-winning children’s authors and tells the story of a little kid, looking up from their toys on a Sunday morning to find their family has disappeared! Follows a romp around the house discovering family members hidden under lamps, crouching on the couch (like an old corn chip) or in the bath to name a few spots. The people the child finds change based on who is in YOUR family.
To make the story yours - include up to 4 adults (including grandparents and any mix of mums/dads and other significant people in your child’s life), up to 5 siblings and a pet.

The books have been developed with the idea that each child, no matter what their family make up, should be able to find themselves in a book. 

The books can be ordered online and arrive printed and ready to be read.
Go to to make YOUR book.

To celebrate our community, use the code: RAINBOW15 at checkout for 15% off the book price.