Rainbow Families, along with 6 other exceptional groups and individuals, has been chosen to participate in Progress Lab. Progress Lab is a new social movement incubator that’s the first of it’s kind in Australia, run by Australian Progress in collaboration with ACOSS.

Vanessa Gonzalez, Mat Howard and Juliette Meaney will be representing our community organisation, and will be speakers at the launch and pitch nights in Melbourne and Sydney. Please send us your best wishes as we hope to engage and inspire new partnerships, funding and supporters.

We encourage all benefactors, donors and corporates interested in our work to attend the event and hear about these exciting social movements.

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Progress Lab Invitation to the Sydney Launch

From a pool of more than 100 ideas, Progress Lab identified 7 promising early-stage organisations with great potential to amplify the voices and achieve change for some of Australia's most marginalised communities. 

There is no doubt these organisations will be at the forefront of major national debates in the coming years - and in many cases, their leaders already are.

We're backing them with a structured 6-month support program to give them the best chance of success, and invite you to be part of this journey from the get-go.

Will you attend the Sydney Pitch Night to find out more about their visions for change and how you can get involved from the very beginning?

Hear from and speak directly to our first Progress Labs founders -- including:

·         Tim Lo Surdo from Democracy in Colour, Australia's first national racial justice advocacy organisation led by people of colour, recently launched.

·         Jason Ball and James Lolicato from Pride Cup, building a movement of advocates tackling homophobia in grassroots sport across rural and regional Australia.

·         Meagan Lawson and Corey Irlam from the Council on the Ageing, who are planning a new digital and grassroots movement of Australian seniors.

·         Karrina Nolan from Original Power, a new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-led organisation designed to increase the effectiveness of campaigns for self-determined solutions.

·         Joel Dignam from Comfy Homes, a campaigning movement designed to change the way we think about renting.

·         Owen Bennett and Jeremy Poxon from the Australian Unemployed Workers Union, combining 1:1 assistance for unemployed people with advocacy to amplify their voices.

·         Vanessa GonzalezJuliette Meaney and Mat Howard from Rainbow Families, an organisation providing LGBTQI families with access to relevant community programs, social connection, and advocacy support

Click here to secure your ticket to hear more about these projects and find out how you can be involved.

Progress Labs is generously backed by the Donkey Wheel Trust, Vasudhara Foundation and private donors - and designed to create a pipeline of exciting advocacy projects.

These are not your typical charity projects. They're bold, ambitious, experimental efforts to achieve systems change by elevating the voices of people missing from our national debates. They provide new models for citizen engagement -- and together we can help strengthen our democracy.