‘What do you mean, I’m not a bear? My NAME is Koala Bear!’

Your little preschoolers will love this free collection of audio stories about young Australian animals and their adventures - produced by some of our wonderful community members.

There’s Little Sugar Glider, who is excited to be leaving the nest for the first time, with the help of her two dads. There’s the story of two mother possums, that manage to out-race a hungry quoll, and save their family. There’s Little Koala Bear, who discovers she’s not really a bear at all, and Blue-tongue Lizard, who behaves badly (and ends up with a blue tongue).

Storybower stories are Australian, educational, and rainbow-family-friendly. Each story includes animal facts, and links to further information and Australian animal craft activities.

Search for ‘Storybower’ in iTunes Podcasts or visit www.storybower.com

Happy listening!

Storybower FB The Tree-top Battle 3.jpg