"Our baby.. she doesn't know it yet, but she is going to have the best life" 

Over the weekend my partner (of almost 17 years) and I had the most amazing day celebrating the impending arrival of our baby girl with family and friends.

No one seemed to mind that we are both women....We held the event in the home that we own. We have worked hard to have the life that we always envisioned for ourselves and our future family.

Both of our parents are still together. Our families get along and accept and love us. We have a mix of both woman AND men within our families, along with Greek and Italian cultural influences.

This "debate" and "survey" is more damaging to the next generation than them possibly being raised by two mums or two dads.  Bringing them up in a country where its acceptable to pass judgement on people for who they are - is barbaric! It would be nice for our child to come into the world without this even being a thing. 

Out of 113,595 registered marriages in Australia in 2015, 48,517 divorces were also granted - thats over 42% divorce rate (and it is rising by 3-4% each year!)! If the tradition of marriage between a man and a woman is so important to conservative Australia - then you should have to stay married and live by the legally binding vowels you make. So if same sex marriage doesn't go through, then perhaps the next thing should be to eradicate divorce?

For Mish and I, we don't personally care too much for "marriage" itself - it is equality that we are fighting for. The conservatives are holding on so tight to this idea of how things have always been yet - woman can vote now, and black people can ride the same bus as the's called evolution and EQUALITY people it's not 1920 anymore!

The bigger picture for us is that we can raise a family together - which IS legal. We will both be on the birth certificate of our daughter, we will have equal rights as parents. While i don't want to draw attention to this too much in the case that I jinx it and it somehow gets reversed - I do find it ironic that two people of the same sex who are in love can't get married but they can be seen as equal parents.  Mish and I are on the same medicare card, same health insurance, centrelink see her as my partner, we pay taxes as equals....funny when it comes to money that conservatives and the government see us and our situation "equal" to everyone else.

Our life doesn't affect anyone else but us. We are no better and no worse than anyone else. Even if we NEVER get same sex marriage over the line (which is just crazy), it doesn't mean that people will just stop being gay, quit their relationships, stop having families... it's not going away. So why fight it any longer?! Just accept it like most of the rest of the world, and let's start focussing on REAL issues.

We are fortunate that our little girl is coming into this world surrounded by the love of our family and friends.  She doesn't know it yet but she is going to have the BEST life. Regardless of what her country thinks.

I'm really proud of all my friends and family who have been vocal on this issue - especially the straight ones.  The support is amazing. Thank you for fighting the good fight, even when we shouldn't have to.

"As an authorised civil marriage celebrant here in Australia, I am excited to think that one day I will be able to marry ALL couples in loving committed relationships."

Thank you Hayley Mearns for sharing your personal story
Photo Credit: Lara Hotz Photography