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Since the postal plebiscite mess has been announced, we have seen and heard inaccurate and hateful things said about our community.

Now the Senate has announced an inquiry into this mess, and Rainbow Families has been invited to put in a submission.

While we in no way want to spread the message of hate, we do want to see people held to account for their actions, so we are asking you to share with us any examples of offensive, misleading or intimidating material or behaviour.

You can make your submission below or you can email examples to us.

We will need details of where and when you encountered it.

You can read the full terms of reference for the inquiry here.

Remember – don’t share hateful material on social media. But if you feel able, share it with us so we can make our community heard. And if any of this raises issues for you, check out the Rainbow Families Plebiscite Survival Guide

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