A New Book for Rainbow Families

by Jacqui Tomlins · Jun 13, 2017

‘The Curse of Grandma Maple!’

I’ve written a book for rainbow families – this time for the kids and their friends. It’s a fun, fast-paced mystery adventure about two Australian kids, Connor and Sam, and their Canadian cousins. I’ve decided to self-publish and I’m running a crowd-funding campaign to cover the costs. If you click here you can watch a daggy two-minute clip of me explaining what it’s all about. But here’s the gist…

‘The Curse of Grandma Maple!’ is NOT a book about having two mums or being a rainbow family, far from it. It’s a story about a bunch of kids who leave the adults behind and head off to test themselves against the Canadian wilderness. It’s about challenge and fear and how sometimes you have no choice but to face that fear. It’s about wanting to do the right thing, but sometimes stuffing up. It’s about family and having each other’s back.

And, coincidentally, there are two mums hovering at the edges of the story just doing what mums do – you know, worrying, interfering, being annoying – but occasionally coming good by saying ‘Yes!’ when it really matters. Mostly, they’re kind of ordinary, sort of mum-like, and everyone else in the story thinks they’re ordinary and mum-like too. The fact that there are two of them doesn’t really bother anybody.

I reckon ‘The Curse of Grandma Maple!’ is perfect for upper-primary age kids. But, be warned! This book contains no nuts or electronic devices.  (Well, almost none. One laptop did sneak in but, trust me, it didn’t last long.)

There are quite a few pre-school and picture books around that feature our families, but not many (any?) novels. I wanted my kids to see their family represented in a book so I wrote one. I reckon it will be great for kids in other families, too. So, I’m asking a favour: if you see the campaign on any social media over the next few weeks, could you please share it? That will make a huge difference. Look out for any of Matt Glover’s great illustrations.

And if you’d like to support the campaign, that would be awesome, too. Thanks.