Despite a last minute need to include ponchos as part of the costume (which thankfully were only needed momentarily) we all sparkled! There were 180 people marching with Rainbow Families, and many more that unfortunately missed out on spots.
Our giant Love Makes A Family heart was amazing. Our message was clear and proud. And it is so true. Love really does make a family.

Mardi Gras is an opportunity for LGBTIQ parents and carers to show the world that we are doing a great job with our children, and we have support and love from the wider community. It is also a time to remember that there is still a lot of inequality for LGBTIQ people and families. And it’s a really fun night out with the kids!
Putting together two Mardi Gras floats is no small task. There was a dedicated team of volunteers working tirelessly for months on this project. The group of volunteers started meeting in November last year to work on a creative design and put together a plan. The volunteers met weekly, sewing capes, cutting gluing and glittering hearts, packing T Shirts, sending emails, applying for grants, balancing the budget, managing ticket sales - this list goes on. All of this hard work was evident last night in our wonderful float, which was organised down to the minute. We hope you agree, that the result was simply fabulous!!!
We would like to thank the wonderful team of volunteers who helped make Mardi Gras 2017 the huge success it was:
Bern and Suz who led the team
We are both so proud to be involved in our wonderful community. Rainbow Families has so many wonderful projects on the go - PPP parenting courses, antenatal classes, monthly catch ups, playgroups, seminars for perspective parents, education material for parents, advocating for our rights, the Halloween disco and the up coming snow trip just to name a few.
All of the work Rainbow Families does is organised by volunteers from our community. Parents and carers who see a need in the community and are happy to give up a little of their time to give something back, to make our community a more supportive and inclusive place to raise children.
"It takes a village to raise a child.” This statement could not be more true for LGBTIQ parents and carers. As families we face unique challenges, and have very special skills to share. We need support from each other, and our community. We need to get together to advocate for our families’ rights, educate ourselves, and to celebrate what a fantastic job we are doing raising our children.
The Rainbow Families committee is a group of 15 parents who meet monthly. We have big dreams for our community, and need as much help as we can get. If you would like to volunteer your skills or time we would love to hear from you.
We also encourage you to become a member, join the Facebook group, like the Facebook page, or make donation.
Thank you again to our wonderful volunteers and City of Sydney as a sponsor who made Mardi Gras 2017 so special and we hope to see you at a catch up soon.
Ashley and Vanessa
Rainbow Families