Rainbow Families School Support Guide is the result of collaboration between Rainbow Families and writer, Jacqui Tomlins.  The Guide has been developed in response to ongoing requests for information from parents and care-givers and is part of Rainbow Families’ commitment to providing quality resources for LGBTIQ families.
There are many things that rainbow families share with other families: we all have to adjust to the changes children bring to our lives; we all want our kids to grow up secure, healthy and happy; we all have good parenting days and bad.  And we all have to deal with nits and homework and fights over screen time.

But there are some things that are unique to rainbow families; small day-to-day challenges and bigger questions and concerns.  Rainbow Families School Support Guide aims to address those differences.  The ideas, suggestions and advice contained in the guide represent the collective wisdom of dozens of parents who have grappled with these questions and challenges and come up with some great solutions.

We hope the guide will also be of value to early learning educators, teachers, counselors and other school staff who work with rainbow families. We hope it will provide them with insight and understanding and give them the knowledge and confidence to provide informed support to our families.

Rainbow Families is a 100% volunteer organisation that provides support to children and families within the NSW LGBTIQ community. Lesbian mums, gay dads, trans parents, adoptive parents, foster parents and all types of rainbow families come together through our events, social and playgroups, parent education sessions and other activities to learn, meet, make new friends and build resilient families.

Meet Jacqui Tomlins
Jacqui is a long-time outspoken advocate, researcher and writer. Last year she traveled to Canberra with her teenage son as part of the Rainbow Families contingent that successfully lobbied to stop the plebiscite on marriage equality.
Jacqui Tomlins is a founding member of the Rainbow Families Council (now Rainbow Families Victoria). She has written extensively for the LGBTIQ and mainstream press on many issues in relation to rainbow families. She currently designs and delivers training to a broad range of staff who work with rainbow families.
This is our first collaboration, but we hope it won’t be our last. We are enormously proud to present the Rainbow Families School Support Guide.
First copies of the guide will be available at the 2017 Mardi Gras Fair Day. We invite you to come and collect a free copy and meet the write, Jacqui Tomlins.

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