Disco Dressed Up.png

In order to better support and include children with disability within the community, Rainbow Families created a social story for the Halloween Disco.

Developed with the assistance of a registered Speech Pathologist, the stories will be  provided to parents and carers free of charge.

Parents and carers can use the stories as a tool to assist their child with disability understand, anticipate, and participate in the activities run by Rainbow Families.

It is hoped that as a result of these stories children with disability will experience greater levels of engagement and confidence during community activities, and reduced distress, anxiety and isolation.

Future Social Stories to be released include: Going to Mardis Gras, Going to Fair Day, Going to Playgroup and Going to the Catch-Up.

This initiative is possible thanks to funding through the FundAbility program, operated by The Northcott Society.

Download your copy of the Halloween Disco Social Story here