An alliance of LGBTIQ parents and children from across Australia have joined calls condemning the plan for a plebiscite on marriage equality, and have requested a meeting with the Prime Minister to discuss the impact on rainbow families.

Rainbow Families Council (VIC) and Rainbow Families (NSW) will gather with families from the ACT next month to lobby MPs to consider what impact the plebiscite would have on the mental health and wellbeing of their kids, as well as other vulnerable members of the LGBTIQ community.

“Today we have written to the Prime Minister requesting a meeting to share our concerns about the proposed plebiscite," said Felicity Marlowe, CoConvenor, Rainbow Families Council. "Our message to the Prime Minister is simple for the sake of our children and rainbow families across Australia, please do not hold a plebiscite.”

“Rainbow Families oppose a plebiscite because we know what the impacts will be, both for our families and for vulnerable people in our community. We elect our politicians to be decisive and to act in the interests of all Australians a plebiscite is a political fix that will do harm and put lives at risk,” said Ashley Scott, CoChair of Rainbow Families.

“Some opponents of marriage equality will have no problem saying our families and kids are unnatural or wrong and that's not something we as a society should accept.”

Marlowe agrees: "Our children and families have long been the target for anti-marriage equality campaigners so the prospect of a national, publicly funded plebiscite campaign is extremely concerning for many parents and carers in rainbow families".

"Now is the time for real, honest leadership on marriage equality," said Brian Barry, Coconvenor of Rainbow Families Council, "We strongly believe that holding a plebiscite will harm the mental health and wellbeing of our children and our young LGBTIQ people everywhere. A free vote in parliament is the best, the quickest and the least harmful option.”