There is a desperate need for more foster careers in Australia, with an estimated 43,000 children in need of care and protection, a number that has been steadily increasing over the past 10 years. 

For many LGBTIQ people, fostering is a way to experience parenthood and help children in need.  According to a recent survey commissioned by a children’s services provider, three quarters of LGBTI people in Australia said they would consider becoming a foster carer.

Foster care in NSW is being outsourced by the Baird Government to community organisations and private companies, half of which are allowed to discriminate against LGBTIQ prospective parents.

Rainbow Families believes there should be an end to discrimination in foster care, and is calling on the Government to restore foster care services to FACS or to make it a condition of funding that agencies not be permitted to discriminate against prospective LGBTIQ foster parents. 

Would you like to help? Simply download the petition and collect as many signatures as you can from family, friends and colleagues.

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Only original, hand-signed petitions can be tabled in the NSW Legislative Assembly, so please mail the original document with signatures to us at the address on the form.

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