RAINBOW FAMILIES would like to say a big thank you to all our community members who contributed to our submission into the federal inquiry into surrogacy. We delivered a 290-page document to the Inquiry for review that we believe reflects the diversity of opinions within our community on the subject of surrogacy. 

RAINBOW FAMILIES will keep the community informed as to the outcome of the Inquiry and any updates as we receive them.

The NSW Department of Justice has also vowed to move forward with its own review of the Surrogacy Act 2010. The review plans to simplify the surrogacy process and prioritise the interests of children born via surrogacy. RAINBOW FAMILIES will also be making a submission to this review. 

NSW State Attorney-General Gabrielle Upton has suggested changing the law to enable people to advertise for altruistic surrogacy arrangements, and to fast track the process of transferring legal parentage of a child born via a surrogate.