"Looking after yourself is looking after your family"

Conception, pregnancy, birth and bringing a baby home can be an intense time. For some parents their emotional wellbeing can be pushed to the limit with varying degrees of anxiety and depression developing.

Rainbow Families have received a small grant from WayAhead Mental Health Association NSW to develop information and support resources for same sex parents.

We invite all rainbow parents from the LGBTQI community to participate in this project. This is a way to support each other, and also to share your experience and help develop resources for our community.

There are four different ways to become involved:

PN&A Awareness Week Information shared at Playgroup
Thursday 17 November
Erskineville Rainbow Playgroup`
Join the conversation sharing your experience and getting questions answered in a safe moderated space athttps://www.facebook.com/groups/RainbowFamiliesFocusGroup/
Email us to share your experience or we can send you focus group questions so you can share your experience and wisdom anonymously

Take a quick survey

We are very fortunate to have two experienced health professionals within the Rainbow Families Community leading this project. Janet Broady is an experienced midwife at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, and Justine Harris is a Clinical Psychologist with a background in working with children and families.

For more information contact Justine Harris at

Project Background (further information)
Perinatal Depression and Anxiety: Understanding the needs of LGBTQI Parents

We know that there is a growing number of LGBTI parents in our community. In Australia 11% of gay men and 33% of lesbians in same sex relationships have children.
In Australia depression affects one in five females and one in eight males. Post-natal depressionaffects 16% of new mothers.
There is limited research on the experience and rates of perinatal depression and anxiety amongst LGBTI parents. What we know is that there is evidence that LGBTI people have significantly poorer mental health than other population groups. Discrimination and exclusion are the key causal factors for LGBTI poor mental health.
Inclusion, support, community and education are key factors in supporting healthy mental health.  This project aims to increase awareness of Perinatal Depression and Anxiety (PD&A) in our community, to consult the community and to develop information and resources sensitive to LGBTI parents.
Project Goals:
To increase community knowledge about mental health in the perinatal period.
To consult and listen to the unique experience of LGBTI parents.
To help parents understand

the importance of looking after their mental health during the perinatal period
that help can be sought for Depression and Anxiety as well as other mental health concerns
the importance of parents looking after themselves, watching out for each other and asking for help when needed.
To develop a resource or information about Perinatal Depression and Anxiety specific for the needs of rainbow parents.
This project has received funding from the WayAhead Mental Health Association NSW


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