Over 300 rainbow family members converged on Addison Road Community Centre in October for a celebration of all things spooky at the annual Halloween Disco. With DJ Kate Monroe spinning the tunes, a fab time was had by all.

Community feedback on the event was resoundingly positive with many members commenting on the welcoming atmosphere and wonderful blend of families. A survey of Halloween Disco attendees found 62 percent of Rainbow Families that attended the Halloween Disco were first-timers and 15 percent had only attended one previous ‘Rainbow Family’ event. The majority of these newcomers suggested they would attend further Rainbow Family gatherings.

The reasons for attending Halloween Disco were two-fold – to spend time with other rainbow families and to see Kate Monroe (most of us have fond memories of nights on the dance floor with Kate manning the decks).

Our survey also provided the opportunity for attendees to provide some constructive criticism of the event. 

Several suggestions specific to Halloween Disco involved logistics – such as traffic wardens or closure of the internal road during the event, less division between picnic area and dance floor and more children’s games.

Other more general feedback included suggestions for ways to better welcome the new rainbow families into the existing community to assist in facilitating relationships.

The survey seemed to suggest there was also a need for more informal catch ups and that the community was eager for more inclusive events.

Rainbow Families will take these suggestions into consideration when planning future activity.

The Rainbow Families Committee would like to give a massive thanks to all the volunteers who made Halloween Disco 2015 sparkle! A special thank you to Kate Monroe, Andriana Maguire-Scarvelli, Nina Ponten, Debora Gallo, Ralph Basden Blazey, Amanda Coorrie-Muller (BBQ legend), Mikayla Corrie-Muller, Simon Lillis, Greg Antcliff, Simone Curry , Robert (Gus) Hunter, Adolfo & Vicky (from PFLAG), Tollie Donnelly Cook, Douglas Melrose-Rae Jonathan Melrose-Rae, and Grant Durie.

We hope you will join us for our next event – the Rainbow Families Midsummer Beach Bash in January. The Halloween Dance Party will be back in 2016, to be held on the 29th of October, check out our events page.