Research on Rainbow Families

Do you have a Rainbow Family? Are you thinking about having children? Want to be a gay parent?

The numbers of same sex parents and children of gay parents are increasing and so is the body of scientific research in Australia about parenting by LGBTIQ people. This has arisen from largely unsubstantiated concerns about the effect of parental sexual orientation on children's development or welfare.  Check out the Rainbow Families Blog for more information.


Equality in foster care petition

The Baird Government is outsourcing foster care to community organisations and private companies, half of which are allowed to discriminate against LGBTIQ prospective parents.

Rainbow Families have organised a petition, calling on the Government to end the discrimination in foster care.

Download the petition here.  

Only original, hand-signed petitions can be tabled in the NSW Legislative Assembly, so please download, ask your friends and neighbours to sign. Please return originals to: PO Box 306, Erskineville, NSW, 2043.

Rainbow Families Plebiscite Guide

Rainbow Families Plebiscite Guide was recently launched at Sydney's first celebration of International Family Equality Day. The guide provides you and your family tips on staying healthy in the fight for equality. Click the button below to download your copy today.

The strength and resiliency of our families relies on the strength and resiliency of our community. Rainbow Families empowers LGBTQI families by raising awareness, addressing discrimination and promoting acceptance of family diversity for lesbian mothers, gay dads and all Rainbow Families.

Rainbow families may experience discrimination because of laws or prejudice, need help accessing basic services, or struggle to find acceptance in schools, workplaces, with neighbours or in the community as a whole.

Fighting for equality and creating positive, safe spaces for our families is critical to supporting strength and resiliency.


Rainbow Families areas of Advocacy

Rainbow Families understands that we are stronger together and that together we can make a difference. Our advocacy work focuses on three key areas: 

  • Making families, including surrogacy, foster and adoption laws.
  • Marriage equality.
  • Nurturing diversity, including in schools and workplaces.

You can make a real difference by contributing to the Rainbow Families Story Bank. You can also see the latest in advocacy news at our Advocacy News page or by following our Facebook page and newsletters.

If you have an idea for an advocacy campaign, or would like to get involved, please email


Do you believe that the LGBTIQ community deserves the same rights as straight people? Are you a lesbian mother, gay dad or bi, trans, intersex or questioning parent? Are you frustrated by the delays in marriage equality in Australia? Do you believe that children of LGBTIQ parents deserve the same rights as the children of straight parents?


Marriage equality for Rainbow Families

While not all LGBTIQ parents will choose to marry, marriage equality is fundamental to 

advancing LGBTIQ rights in Australia and fostering the resiliency of our families. Every child deserves to know their families are treated equally under the law and this is not possible until marriage equality is realised.

We also believe marriage equality should be delivered through a conscience vote in the 

Federal Parliament, not a divisive plebiscite. 

Rainbow Families will continue to work with the broader community to share our families’ wealth of stories and to put the strong and positive case for marriage equality.


Are you a lesbian mum, gay dad or other type of diverse family? Have you ever been discriminated against at work or socially? Have you heard or seen the ways children of LGBTIQ parents are discriminated against every day? Does it happen within your child's school? Have you had difficulty gaining acceptance in your workplace for your choice to parent? Are you frustrated by the many ways our families are discriminated against every day?


Nurturing diversity

Diversity makes our community stronger. LGBTIQ families come in all shapes and sizes and nurturing diversity is critical to raising awareness and promoting acceptance.  

As the recent furore over Gayby Baby shows, discrimination against LGBTIQ families is real.

Whether it is in our schools or workplaces, playgrounds or sporting fields, in our

neighbourhoods or the media, nurturing and advancing diversity is critically important.

Rainbow Families is committed to advocating on behalf of the LGBTIQ community, providing research, education and information to address discrimination, raise awareness, and promote acceptance for LGBTIQ families.


Rainbow Families call for submissions for Senate Surrogacy Inquiry

In consultation with our community, Rainbow Families made a submission outlining the implications of existing laws and regulations for members of our community who make their families through surrogacy. Thank you to the many who contributed their stories and gave strength to our submission. We will endeavour to keep you updated on future outcomes. You can download a copy of the submission here


Rainbow Families Story Bank

The personal is political and one of the best ways to make positive change is to demonstrate the value of our diverse families.

Rainbow Families is collecting stories to do just that. Families come in all shapes and sizes and we invite you to share the unique story of yours:

How did your family come to be made?

Who makes up your family and what are your challenges? If you had the opportunity to

share something about your family that you think would make a difference to someone else, what would you say?   

Contribute to our Story Bank here.


If you have an idea for an advocacy campaign, or would like more information or to get involved, please email us.