Wrestle! is inspired by the 2015 documentary Gayby Baby, which featured the stories of four incredible kids, each being raised in LGBTQIA+ families. One of those kids was Gus. He’s now 17. The book comes after a decade of fighting for same-sex marriage in Australia and the world. But the work of expanding the conversation around family, sexuality and gender is by no means over. As we move beyond the narrative of the same-sex marriage debate, it’s a time to tell even more complex stories about who we are and how we live. These stories are the connective thread between major legislative change and the everyday behaviors that make our society more accepting. They are a gateway to new ideas and new ways of seeing. To fighting less. To loving more.

Join co-authors Maya Newell & Gus Skattebol-James for the launch of Wrestle!. Benjamin Law will read from the book too!

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Where: Newtown Neighbourhood Centre

When: Friday February 22 5:30pm

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