In September 2016 Eddie Blewett stole Question Time in the Federal Parliament.


Eddie travelled to Canberra with is his mums Claire Blewett and Neroli Dickson and other Rainbow Families asking MP’s to stop the plebiscite on marriage equality, and to have a free vote in Parliament.
One of the politicians they met was deputy Labor leader Tanya Plibersek, who took up Eddie's cause with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in Question Time.
"He said to me and I quote, 'Why should people who barely know us make an assumption on our families and vote on how we can live?” Plibersek said Eddie and over 50 other Rainbow Families watched from the galleries above.
"Can the Prime Minister explain why Eddie should have to put up with a campaign by people who have never met him, telling him that there is something wrong with his family?" Ms Plibersek said.
A year later and the issue is still unresolved.
Eddie is heading back to Canberra, hoping to meet with the Prime Minister.
Eddie wrote to Malcolm Turnbull earlier this month:
I am Eddie Blewett (14 years of age).
In answer to a question in Parliament on 13 September2016 you referred to me by saying:
“We all welcome Eddie and his parents to the House today. We are pleased that he is here. Eddie will understand that everything we do here in this parliament is designed to ensure that Australia becomes an even better place for him to grow up in and realise his dreams.”
One of my dreams is to have my same-sex parents given the same recognition as other parents in Australia. I believe giving equal recognition to all families will make Australia a better place.
I shall be coming to Canberra with my family and others to help with the ‘Yes’ campaign.
During my visit, I should be grateful if I could meet with you and offer support for your own ‘Yes’ campaign, especially for country towns.

Eddie has discussed the impact this ongoing debate has had on him and his family.
In Canberra, last year he spoke of being bullied around this debate, and a sense of fear and dread he lived with.
Hearing this and similar reports of negativity in school communities, Rainbow Families released Guide for educators – providing teachers ten simple tips on supporting LGBTIQ parents and their children through the hurtful No campaign.
Communities across NSW and the ACT are invited to join Eddie when he returns to Canberra on September 12, 2017, hoping to meet with the PM.
For further details contact Rainbow Families on 0481 565 958
What:  Join Eddie Blewett in Canberra
When: Tuesday, September 12th, 10am
Where: In front of Parliament House, Canberra