13-year-old Sara lives in a happy, supportive home with her mother Paula, her mother's partner Lia, and her younger sister Catalina. By all appearances, their lives are stable and simple - the school run goes to plan most of the time, the daughters fight as all siblings do, they celebrate milestones with pizza in their comfortable home. Yet, as Sara enters her teenage years, along with the world of boys, high school drama, and independence that comes with adolescence, she is made aware of the difference between her family dynamics and those of her classmates. Her actions based on this revelation instigate an unexpected familial upheaval, as her father attempts to regain custody.
Featuring exceptional performances from a young cast, this is an insightful, genuine, and humorous look into a modern LGBTIQ family that gently exposes the ups and downs of domestic life. The first feature film from Chilean director Pepe San Martin, Rara is a coming-of-age story and deft social commentary crafted with sensitivity, which invites you to live alongside a loving family and all the dramas, joys, difficulties, and simple pleasures inherent in that life.
"Film's pleasures go well beyond its message of social injustice. Its observation of the rhythms and rituals of domestic life are spot on." – Hollywood Reporter
"Rara is an affectionate, endearing, meaningful take on family life from an LGBT perspective." – The Upcoming
"The movie shines in its simplicity and subtlety." – Cineman

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