More than 2 months after the first surveys arrived in letterboxes around Australia, and our newsfeeds, letterboxes and TVs filled with adds making fearful claims about our relationships and our families, the Australian Same Sex Marriage Survey results will be announced.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017 - Survey results will be published around 11 am on the Australian Bureau of Statistics Website. The Australian Statistician will publish a statement on the quality and integrity of the survey.

It has been a hard time for our community, even for the most resilient among us. This announcement, whatever the outcome, will be emotional for our community.

So many parents and children have been vulnerable and brave, taking parts in rallys, writing letters to neighbours, phoning relatives, protecting and supporting their children to understand, taking a stand. We can be proud of our brave dignity in fighting for our human rights.

And when the results arrive, it's important we again come together and support each other. We hope to be celebrating a strong YES outcome and a step closer to equality for all!

Rainbow Families has organised a family dinner. We warmly invite you to join us.


When: Wednesday 15 November 2017 From 5 PM

Where: The Warren View Hotel, 2 Stanmore Rd Enmore


Please please RSVP on Facebook, or email us so we can accommodate everyone