Along with many other LGBTIQ organisations, Rainbow Families NSW submitted to the Inquiry, noting the negative impacts of the divisive marriage equality debate on families and children and calling for a free-vote in the Commonwealth Parliament as quickly as possible.

Rainbow Families advocates for LGBTIQ-couples to be afforded the same rights and access to marriage.  Denying LGBTQI+ people the opportunity to marry under Commonwealth Law is discriminatory and harmful to both parents and children.  

Rainbow Families opposes any exemption that would allow civil celebrants and businesses to discriminate on the basis of a person’s sexuality or gender. This effectively would establish two tiers of marriage.  Australian law should provide equal opportunity for all citizens while respecting religious freedom.  These exemptions perpetuate discrimination by protecting it under Commonwealth law.

Rainbow Families successfully advocated against plans for a marriage equality plebiscite, travelling to Canberra to meet with parliamentarians. Rainbow Families will continue to work alongside LGBTIQ organisations and allies towards marriage equality.

Australia is now vastly out of step with developed nations in its failure to deliver on marriage equality. 

Rainbow Families welcomes yesterday’s report, the first ever consensus report on marriage equality, and urge the Parliament to legislate full equality without further delay.

Ashley Scott, Co-chairs of Rainbow Families comments:

“We won’t give up the fight for marriage equality until it’s realised. This is simply too important for our families and our children.

“Families come in all shapes and sizes and our law should protect that: whether a family has one parent or two, or whether those parents are of the same gender, the law shouldn’t discriminate.

“We have had a series of inquiries. We’ve debated this for over a decade. This is yet another reminder that it’s time for parliamentarians to do their job and get this done.

“We’re pleased that parliamentarians across the political spectrum recognised that the exemptions proposed by the Attorney General would only deliver partial equality and that partial equality is not equality at all.”