Great news! The NSW Blue Book is now more inclusive for LGBTIQ parents and carers, and same sex parents who deliver a baby at RPA hospital from November will be able to register births online.

In May this year Rainbow Families released a report into discrimination faced by LGBTIQ parents and carers when accessing NSW government services. Over 200 people responded to the survey, with personal stories of discrimination they had experienced from our government. This formed the basis of the Love Makes A Family Report, along with recommendations for ministers on how to make NSW Government services more inclusive for LGBTIQ parents and their children.

The report was launched at NSW Parliament with over 20 politicians in attendance. We took the Rainbow Families Playgroup to Parliament and everyone loved the opportunity to meet their local members and introduce some of our children to them and chat about issues that are important to our community.


The report was sent to all minsters and shadow ministers. Since then Rainbow Families has been meeting with departments to discuss how we can work together to on the recommendations.

We met with a number of people from the department of health. The great news from these meetings is they are keen to work with us to make antenatal classes more inclusive for LGBTIQ parents. There is also interest in having a greater representation of LGBTIQ parents in promotional material available at hospitals.

The Blue Book (Child Personal Health Record) had a major review last year. Rainbow Families was consulted on this review, and provided a number of recommended changes to make the resource better represent our families. Simple changes like taking out mother and father have been implemented where possible. The updated Blue Book is now being issues across the state, so all babies born from now on should receive the more inclusive version.

We also met with the Attorney General’s Office, and representatives from Birth Deaths and Marriages to discuss legal parentage, surrogacy, and increasing the number of parents able to be listed on a birth certificate. The great news from this meeting is a trial for online birth registrations for babies born to same sex parents in NSW. The trial will take place at RPA hospital this November, and will be rolled out across the state hopefully next year.

There were many issues raised by our community in the consultation process for the report, and over 25 recommendation made in the report. Unfortunately many of these changes will not be immediate, however we have started the conversations, and will continue to work with Government Department, to make NSW Government services more inclusive and safe for our growing community.